MSP marketing definition are seeking to get into the public sector outsourcing as this will open doors for them to go through the lengthy process that is involved when securing a government contract. An MSP deal in the private sector usually takes just a proposal and a few meetings before being approved. Contracts in the public sector, on the other hand, usually need slightly over a year before being closed. This is because it requires numerous visits to all the targeted clients, huge customer proposals and some really fought for bidding. However, once a business in the public sector wins, this would mean the onset of numerous opportunities for sales and long contracts and also the onset of really beneficial relationships for the MSP.


MSPs, for instance InterDev, have started creating their own avenues to access shares from the public sector of the IT market. This firm had been in operation for 36 years working as a provider of break/fix services and also reselling Barracuda hardware. The clients for these works were usually from government firms and as the market margin shrunk over time, InterDev have been trying to generate their revenue from providing professional services.

Over time, InterDev has managed to get themselves two contracts, serving as providers of outsourced IT and even other attractive deals. Here, InterDev provides guidance on all initiatives involving IT and also the management of the network systems and security.

The good work of InterDev eventually reached the municipal publication on government trade, catching the eye of some city officials who were seeking to hire MSP services for the IT consortium that they were looking to forming. The officials were quite impressed with InterDev’s MSP marketing plan and they therefore sent representatives to have a look at the working of the agreement on outsourced IT. InterDev worn themselves a deal as the provider of IT services to five cities that joined the IT consortium. Working on this deal, the staff of InterDev has been located to two of the largest towns and they are then dispatched as necessary to the remaining cities.

The 5-year contract is now halfway through and there are two other cities, not member of the consortium, that have now signed up contracts for provision of managed services with InterDev. The member cities on the other hand have been recruiting members into the consortium thus expanding the service market for InterDev.

The success is not yet over! InterDev just won some competitive bidding, securing themselves a contract for the provision of managed services in IT to the Beaufort city. Here, the role of InterDev is 24/7 maintenance and surveillance of the networks, servers, backup systems, hosted applications and employee workstations.

InterDev also forms a liase between the city and similar providers of technology. They also educate the officials in Beaufort City on the technology solutions being used by other towns and municipalities and provide them will proper guidance on how Beaufort can keep its IT environment modern.

With all these contracts and involvements, InterDev have become very efficient as far as IT outsourcing is concerned.